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Why advertise on JackHyles.com?

Targeted ads on JackHyles.com gives your organization or business the ability to focus an advertising campaign on a growing audience of conservative, born-again Christian believers.  Web surfers come to JackHyles.com looking for books, sermons and a variety of information relating to Christianity or Baptists. This highly receptive, family-oriented audience is the cornerstone for a successful Internet advertising campaign.  The Jack Hyles Home Page provides a cost effective mechanism for reaching your target audience with focused advertising.

Quality, Propriety & Doctrinal Standards for Banner Advertisements on JackHyles.com:

Advertisers may submit advertisements for any legitimate business, website, school, church, ministry or organization as long as the sponsoring site does not violate any of the following standards:

1.  For advertisements that direct users to Christian or "religious" websites, the website and organization must promote salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, use the King James Version of the Bible exclusively and be in general agreement with the doctrines taught by Dr. Jack Hyles. 

2.  Advertisements which exist primarily for soliciting funds or donations for a any entity, including a business, church, school, mission, special interest group or political organization are generally not allowable.

3.  Employment ads are generally not allowed, except those advertising full-time paid staff positions in fundamental, independent Baptist churches or church-run ministries.

4.  Advertisements containing improper words, or that are sponsored by companies or organizations that promote activities contrary to generally-accepted conservative family-oriented Baptist beliefs are not allowed.  This would include sites that promote tobacco, alcohol, gambling, online dating services, singles/couples/personals or other questionable activities.

5.  Advertisements for books, videos, tapes or other media that promote ideas or programs contrary to fundamental Baptist beliefs are not allowed.

6.  Advertisements for web sites dealing with government seized/surplus vehicles or work-at-home schemes are not allowed.

7.  Advertisements of 1-900 telephone numbers and other toll telephone services are not allowed.

8.  Ads or sponsoring websites which, in the judgment of the webmaster, contain personal attacks or potentially slanderous/libelous material are not allowed.

9.  Advertising banner or sponsoring websites which, in the judgment of the webmaster, contain inappropriate content or risk compromising the integrity of The Jack Hyles Home Page are not allowed.

10.  Ad Banners must be professional in appearance and conform to our size and file format requirements.  No animated gifs, blinking text or flashing ads are allowed.

Paid advertisers who knowingly violate these standards after placing an ad with us will forfeit their banner ad and any prepaid funds.

For questions regarding these policies, please write to the webmaster at


Advertise on JackHyles.com and support Christian Missions:  Proceeds from your advertising dollars will help support Bible-believing Christian missionaries worldwide. They are all hard-working missionaries who preach Godís Simple Plan of Salvation (salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by works).

Your banner ad will appear below the navigation links in the left column of our home page at www.jackhyles.com, and will also be included on our text archive main page at www.jackhyles.com/index2.htm, our video page at www.jackhyles.com/videos.htm, and our audio page at www.jackhyles.com/audio.htm  Ads are placed using a first-come, first-served method (newer ads will be placed below older ads).

Ad Specifications & Pricing*
Vertical Banner Ads Only
160 X 150 pixels - $2.50 / month
160 X 300 pixels - $5 / month
160 X 500 pixels - $10 / month
File Format: GIF, JPEG

No animated banners, blinking text or flashing ads

Pre-payment limits:  Minimum of 6 months, maximum of 24 months.

All ads must be pre-approved and meet our quality, propriety and doctrinal standards as outlined to the left on this page.

* * *

TO SUBMIT AN AD:  Please email the following information to jackhyles.com@gmail.com:

1.  Your full name (& organization name if applicable)

2.  Your mailing address

3.  Your email address

4.  The Web Address (URL) you want linked to your banner ad

5.  An attached GIF or JPEG file of your banner ad, sized to one of our three allowed dimensions.   We are able to create simple color-background, text-only ads for you if you choose not to use your own banner.  If this is your desire, please email us the text you'd like to use for your add and specify what banner size, font, font color and background color you'd like us to use.  Please keep in mind that readers will find it difficult to read your ad if you try to squeeze too much text into your banner.  There will be a one-time setup charge of $15 for text ads if you ask us to create them for you.

6.  The time period you'd like your ad to run (6 - 24 months)

After receiving your ad submission via email, we will review the ad and email you back within 2-5 business days.  When your ad is approved, you will receive an invoice from us with the total amount due.  All ads must be pre-paid and will not run until full payment is received and processed.
* * *

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  If you have submitted your ad and received an invoice from us, you may pay for your ad via credit card (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or Discover).

Payment Methods Other than by Credit Card:  Money Orders (U.S. Bank or U.S. Postal Service) and Cashier's Checks (U.S. banks only) accepted.  Please email jackhyles.com@gmail.com for further information on where to send payment.  Payments by methods other than Visa/MC may delay the ad being run for up to 10 business days.

Please note:  We are able to run ads for U.S. businesses, organizations and individuals with U.S. mailing addresses only using a credit card or bank account located within the United States.

*Rates are subject to change at the end of each pre-paid period.








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