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Seven Signs of Pseudo-King James Onlyism

by Dr. William P. (Bill) Grady

MP3 Audio Sermon

Copyright Notice:  All copyright to this audio sermon is held by the author, Dr. William P. (Bill) Grady.  This sermon is distributed under the "Fair Use" doctrine of U.S. Copyright Law, specifically in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 Those who challenge our distribution of this sermon under U.S. Law will be held legally liable for damages, legal fees and court costs associated by any attempt to remove this sermon from this web site or prohibit the Fair Use distribution of this sermon.  We are making this sermon publicly available, free-of-charge as an effort to advance the education of our website visitors and enhance understanding of the King James Only issue.  If you wish to use this copyrighted material from this website for purposes of your own that go beyond "Fair Use", you must obtain permission from the copyright holder, Dr. William P. Grady.

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Notes concerning this sermon:

NOTE:  Dr. William P. (Bill) Grady is a former Bible teacher at Hyles-Anderson College, Evangelist and Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, Swartz Creek, Michigan.

Dr. Jack Hyles hired Bill Grady to teach on the faculty of Hyles-Anderson College. When Bro. Grady came out with his book "Final Authority" on the King James Bible, Bro. Hyles strongly encouraged every Christian to read it. In this video, Bro. Grady is preaching at Clarence Sexton's college on the King James Bible issue, and after the sermon, Mr. Sexton expresses his disapproval of the sermon, telling Bro. Grady "I've managed for 15 years to stay out of this [King James Only]  controversy... you may have drug me into it tonight - for that I'm not grateful.  I want to stay out of it - that's not my fight"   It is obvious that Mr. Sexton cares more about what his Baptist brethren think of him that he is about what the LORD thinks of him. Since this sermon, Mr. Sexton has come out in support of Jack Schaap who claims that the "King James Bible is neither inspired, nor preserved" and "has thousands of errors".

The Jack Hyles Home Page supports Bill Grady - his efforts have strengthened our belief and trust in the King James Bible. Jack Schaap has done the exact opposite, placing doubt into the minds of Christians as to the veracity of the Word of God. We say "Shame on you Mr. Schaap" and we wholeheartedly say "AMEN" to Pastor Grady!

We encourage pastors to invite Bill Grady to preach in their churches.
His web site is:

The video of this sermon has been removed by YouTube due to a so-called "Copyright Claim" by Crown Christian Publications, which is operated by Clarence Sexton's apostate "Crown College".  So, we are publishing the actual WORDS of this sermon via an MP3 audio file, as  Mr. Sexton does not hold copyright to Bill Grady's actual WORDS, nor did Bro. Grady ever transfer ANY rights to his sermon to Mr. Sexton or Crown College.

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