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What is the “FFEP”?

The “Fundamental Forum Electronic Press” (FFEP) was started in 1994 by the webmaster of www.JackHyles.com. At that time, with the permission of Brother Hyles, FFEP began a project of typing up approximately 20 of Dr. Jack Hyles' published books and sermons to be placed, free-of-charge, on various online bulletin board services (the precursor of the Internet), and later on the World Wide Web via The Jack Hyles Home Page which was hosted on the webmaster's personal Delphi Internet web site.

A few years later, the domain www.JackHyles.com was purchased and the entire web site was transferred to the new domain. Several First Baptist Church members were employed part-time by FFEP to type up additional books and sermons, along with a few volunteers, bringing the total online text sermon and book count to over 100

In the late 1990s, FFEP also posted Brother Hyles' weekly and "classic" audio sermons online. These audio sermons were converted directly from cassette tape to the
Real Audio format. Due to high bandwidth costs associated with streaming audio, this service was eventually discontinued.

In the summer of 2010, our old
Real Audio sermons were converted to MP3 file format, and re-introduced along with other MP3 sermons on our MP3 Audio Sermon Page.

While not included in all previously published documents, the notice “Electronic Printing by FFEP” was put on many of our web documents to indicate their source.

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