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Index of Sermons and Books by Dr. Jack Hyles

The Hyles Church Manual

by Dr. Jack Hyles

The first two of three parts of The Hyles Church Manual are presented here.
There is a third part, called "The Pastor" which is not included on this web site.  If you wish to order the entire book on Amazon.com, including Part Three, please click HERE.

Part One - (Chapters 1-9) Church Business

Part Two - (Chapters 10-19) Church Program

Part Three - (Chapters 20-32) The Pastor (not included)




1. The Church Business Meeting

2. A Business Meeting*

3. The Church Budget

4. A Building Program

5. A Dedication Service for a New Building*

6. The Deacon Board

7. A Dedication Service for New Deacons*

8. The Church Records

9. An Ordination Service for Preachers*


10. The Sunday School

11. A Teachers’ and Officers’ Meeting*

12. The Bus Ministry

13. The Sick and Shut-ins

14. The Youth Conference

15. The Church Nursery

16. The Music

17. The Women’s Missionary Society

18. The Baptismal Service

19. A Soul-Winning Experience*


20. The Wedding

21. A Wedding Ceremony*

22. The Funeral

23. A Funeral Service*

24. The Pastoral Counseling

25. The Relationship of the Pastor and His People

26. The Relationship of the Pastor and His Staff

27. The Invitation Time

28. An Invitation*

29. The Public Services

30. A Sunday Morning Sermon*

31. a Sunday Evening Sermon*

32. A Wednesday Evening Bible Study*

*Actual Public services or experiences recorded and transcribed for this publication.

Part One - (Chapters 1-9) Church Business

Part Two - (Chapters 10-19) Church Program

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