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Index of Sermons and Books by Dr. Jack Hyles

Grace and Truth

by Dr. Jack Hyles

Grace and Truth is presented here in two parts:

Part One - Chapters 1-20

Part Two - Chapters 21-31


Someone said, "Never mind the beautiful; give me the durable and the useful." Let that one behold the yellow-gold of the grainfield, the emerald green of a meadow, the peerless blue of the sky, the sevenfold beauty of the rainbow, the towering mountains with their ceaseless lights and shadows, the snowy white of the snow, the glory of the sunset and the fresh green of the spring. Let him remember that the God Who made the trunk of the tree also made its autumn coat, the God Who made the mighty ocean rolls across its top the whitecaps, and the God Who made the mighty mountains has made for them a sundae-like covering. Yes, we need the strong and the durable, but we also need to add to that strength and durability beauty and grace.

To the acquiring of this balance, this author several years ago set forth a volume called BLUE DENIM AND LACE. Similar truths were presented in the second BLUE DENIM AND LACE which was named STRENGTH AND BEAUTY. Now the twins become triplets with the publishing of GRACE AND TRUTH.

Even the casual reader will note that much of this volume is directed toward the Christian school movement. It is hoped that the following words will be an anchor to the drifting and will be used of God to give strength to the beautiful and beauty to the strong, zeal to the scholar and knowledge to the zealous, majesty to the honorable and honor to the majestic, grace to the truthful and truth to the gracious, until it can be said of each of us as was said of the Stranger of Galilee by one who knew Him so well, "And we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." John 1:14)

Dr. Jack Hyles

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana Founder, Hyles-Anderson College,

Schererville, Indiana



1 Be A Childish, Juvenile Adult

2 Don't Rush the Washing Machine

3 How Not to Change

4 Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

5 How Not to Be Offended

6 Hear and Do

7 His Name Is jealous

8 Little Things

9 Keeping Buzzards Away

10 Is Teenage Love Real Love?

11 The Hair of His Head Began to Grow

12 The First Step to Getting

13 On Being a Man

14 Give Me Thy Heart

15 Do It with Jesus

16 The Simple Place

17 The Shadow of the Almighty

18 The Christian's Hate Life

19 When Leadership Is Weaker Than Followship

20 How Long Did She Live?

21 Accreditation

22 The Teacher or the "Teacher-Type

23 Discipline and Punishment

24 When the Student Fails

25 The Basis of Loyalty to Superiors .

26 Counseling with Students

27 The Teacher's Relationship to the Parent

28 Satan's Bid for Your Child

29 Sex Education Program Our Public Schools

30 Jesus Had Short Hair

31 A Warning to the Christian School


Jack Hyles began preaching at the age of 19 and has pastored for over 25 years. These pastorates include churches that varied in membership from 19 to over

30,000. All of these pastorates, other than the present one, were in the state of Texas: First, the Marris Chapel Baptist Church of Bogata, Texas; then to the Grange Hall Baptist Church in Marshall, Texas; from there to the, Southside Baptist Church of Henderson, Texas; and then to the Miller Road Baptist Church of Garland, Texas. He pastored the Miller Road Baptist Church for 7 years and saw this church, under the Lord, grow from a membership of 92 to over 4,000. It was from the Miller Road Baptist Church that he was called to his present pastorate at the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana.

Dr. Hyles has been Pastor of the First Baptist Church since August, 1959. This church has a membership of over 30,000 and during the past year (1973) had 25,044 conversions and additions and baptized 8,044. The church now operates 226 buses and has recently been acclaimed to have the "World's Largest Sunday School." During Dr. Hyles' ministry the First Baptist Church has increased in property evaluation to over $12,000,000.

Besides his position as Pastor, Dr. Hyles is Superintendent of Hammond Baptist Schools-Hammond Baptist Grade School and Hammond Baptist High School-and Founder of Hyles-Anderson College. The college, now in its third year, will matriculate over a thousand students this year. It is housed in a beautiful 71-acre campus with buildings valued at $5,000,000. (All of the schools are operated by the First Baptist Church and are housed in separate facilities away from the church property.) Dr. Hyles has served as President of the Baptist Bible College in Denver, Colorado. He is now Assistant Editor-Conference Director of the SWORD OF THE LORD, America's foremost Christian weekly. He also serves as a Vice-President of the Sword of the Lord Foundation.

Dr. Hyles is heard weekly on the nationwide broadcast, "Let's Go Soul Winning with Jack Hyles." This program is heard on a network of stations covering much of the United States.

He is the author of 22 books and pamphlets exceeding over four million copies in sales. One long-play record by Dr. Hyles is also available, LET'S GO SOUL WINNING (awarded by the Evangelical Film Foundation an Oscar as the outstanding talk record of 1967), as well as many tape recorded sermons.

Dr. Hyles' experience covers numerous evangelistic campaigns, Bible conferences, etc. He is in constant demand as a speaker for many of the major denominations in the United States. He has preached in virtually every state of the Union and in many foreign countries. His annual Pastors' School attracts preachers from every state and many foreign countries. More than 2,350 registrants attend each year.

Go to Part One - Chapters 1-20

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