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~ The RVG 2010 Bible ~
Reina Valera Gómez 2010: The Pure Word of God in Spanish

FINALLY - a Spanish Bible that can be trusted as the pure Word of God!

Readers have long known of problems in previous versions of the Spanish Bible. The beloved Reina Valera was based on the Textus Receptus (TR) used by the early church but Valera himself said corrections were still needed. Revisions including the RV 1909 and 1960 were supposed to fix the problems, but instead added liberal readings changing God's words.

After years of work, the Reina Valera Gómez (RVG) Bible is finally available. A true "Textus Receptus" Bible, the RVG has been proofread and refined by Spanish-speaking Christians in 13 countries.

Comparing the RVG with other common Spanish Bibles shows how many times they departed from the traditional text (the TR):

*The 1569 departed from the TR 75 times
*The 1602 departed from the TR 57 times.
*The 1862 departed from the TR 118 times.
*The 1865 departed from the TR 28 times.
*The 1909 departed from the TR 122 times.
*The 1960 departed from the TR 191 times.
*The 2001 departed from the TR 69 times.
*The RVG departed from the TR ZERO times.

God is greatly blessing ministries who use the RVG 2010 in Spanish-speaking areas around the world.

You can order a printed copy from several sources.  Here is a short list:

RVG 2010 Various editions on Amazon
RVG 2010 Various Editions on The KJV Store
RVG 2010 Various Editions from Victory Baptist Press
RVG 2010 Various Editions from Chick Publications

Download a PDF copy of the entire RVG2010 Bible here:

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Books about the RVG 2010:

God's Bible in Spanish (Paperback on Amazon)
God's Bible in Spanish (Paperback on Chick Publications)
Why The Reina Valera Gómez Bible Is The Perfect Word Of God (Paperback Spanish Edition on Amazon)

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Note:  There are also various Bible apps that offer an RVG 2010 module - these are available for various computer platforms, including PC, Android & Apple devices.
We suggest you search your favorite Bible program website to see if they offer an RVG 2010 add-on or module.

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RVG 2010 Audio New Testament MP3 files (Read by a native Spanish speaker-- a huge 1.3 GB zipped file)

Which Spanish Bible is Right?

Missionary Shane Rice discusses the Spanish Bible, it's history, and problems with different translations. He explains why he supports the RVG 2010 (Reina Valera Gómez 2010 Bible) for Spanish-speaking people. This is a good beginning explanation of the Spanish Bible issue (primarily intended for English-speaking pastors and Christian workers). Increasingly, Bible-believing Spanish independent, fundamental Baptist pastors and missionaries are leaving the corrupt Reina Valera 1960 version and moving to the RVG 2010. God is greatly blessing those ministries as a result.

La historia de la Biblia

Un video presentando la historia bíblica española.

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