~ Another Statement on Jack Schaap & First Baptist Church of Hammond ~
by the Webmaster of JackHyles.com
August 5, 2012
with Addendum added on August 8 [below]

In the wake of the firing of Jack Schaap from the pastorate of First Baptist Church of Hammond due to his sexual abuse of a 16-year old girl, we feel the need to make another statement regarding the recent disturbing events at FBC-Hammond.  Many folks come to JackHyles.com to read and listen to sermons by Dr. Jack Hyles.   We in no way wish to give the impression that Brother Hyles believed any of the un-Scriptural things that have been taught by Jack Schaap and his anti-King James Bible staff members.   This is our warning to young folks and their parents:   Please be very careful before you blindly accept all the information and assurances coming from the current leaders at Hyles-Anderson College and First Baptist Church.  We are not convinced that the major issues that ultimately led to this disgrace have been purged from these institutions.  (those issues being the rejection of the King James Bible as the inspired, preserved Word of God and the rejection of Scriptural principles that should have been followed using the King James Bible as God's Final Authority to man).

We were appalled at Jack Schaap's declaration that "this King James Bible is not inspired",  and shocked at his later claim that "not only is our King James Bible not inspired, it's not preserved either".   But what was more appalling
was to see the members, deacons, and staff of First Baptist Church decide that it was best to blindly follow a pastor who questioned the validity of the King James Bible rather than follow God and His Word.  As long time members of FBC, we could not understand why the vast majority of folks at our church refused to do what Brother Hyles taught us:  to stand for Scriptural PRINCIPLES rather than a man or an institution.  Why didn't the leadership stand up for the Word of God and challenge this Bible-rejecting man?   Why were members rebuked by church leaders as "not being loyal to the man of God" when they simply asked sincere questions about Jack Schaap's heresies?   Well, now you have the end-result of these anti-Scriptural decisions:  an abused young girl who will be emotionally, physically and spiritually scarred for life.  The other end-result is an unmeasurable stain upon the cause of Christ.  Please read our original Statement on Jack Schaap, (written well over one year ago) which outlines why we decided to leave First Baptist Church of Hammond, after being members there since the 1980's.  We also ask you to pray for the victim - the young girl who was sexually, emotionally and spiritually abused by Mr. Schaap.

Addendum (added August 8, 2012): 
by the Webmaster of JackHyles.com

WAKE UP, First Baptist Church members!

"I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish".

After listening to several current FBC members, we can't believe what we're hearing.  We would have thought that FBC members would be in a repentant and extremely sorrowful state and ready to cleanse the church thoroughly from the root causes of this disgrace.  We thought that this would wake them up to realize that this whole dishonorable mess was due to the leadership not following Scriptural doctrine and principles.  Is anyone at FBC-Hammond calling for a thorough cleansing of the SIN that is in HIGH PLACES at FBC?  We hear members say, "Brother Schaap was a good man-- he simply slipped up and fell into sin", or "He was a 'godly' man who fell because the devil painted a big target on his back" and "We trust the church staff-- they are doing the right thing in this matter and we should all let them continue to do their jobs".  OPEN YOUR EYES, First Baptist Church members!  Jack Schaap didn't simply "slip up".  Please note that it's no "slip up" when a pastor takes a teenage girl over two state lines for sexual encounters over the course of several months.  This was PLANNED by Jack Schaap.  He led a DOUBLE LIFE and lied to you all on numerous occasions for several years.  This was not simply a man "falling" in a moment of weakness... this was a man WHO KNOWINGLY and PURPOSELY planned a sinful double life, and then tried to hide it from you all.

This did not happen in a vacuum.  This is a DIRECT RESULT of you blindly following A MAN or a GROUP OF MEN, rather than following GOD AND HIS WORD.  Is your Final Authority mankind, or the WORD OF GOD?  This is a DIRECT RESULT of you BLINDLY following your church "leaders" who DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap told you that your King James Bible was not inspired.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap LIED about Dr. Hyles' beliefs on the King James Bible.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap said that the King James Bible had "thousands of errors" in it.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap falsely reported "the numbers" to make it seem like his ministry was greater than that of Dr. Jack Hyles.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap used filthy sexualized language and imagery in the pulpit.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when several members came to you and told you that Jack Schaap used filthy, vile language with them in private.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap attacked those church members who dared to question his false doctrine and un-Scriptural behavior.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap promoted and praised neo-evangelicals and their worldly methodologies from the pulpit.  Your leaders DID NOTHING when Jack Schaap pressured staff members who didn't agree with him to resign their positions.

So, I ask the members of First Baptist Church of Hammond - what are you going to do NOW?  Are you going to continue to place BLIND LOYALTY in the staff members who REFUSED to STAND UP and call out the SINS and HERESIES of this man in order to continue receiving a paycheck?  Will you now trust the men who stood by and SAID NOTHING when Jack Schaap assaulted your King James Bible and used lie after lie and deception after deception to keep his doctrinal errors and sinful lifestyle from being questioned?

First Baptist Church, LISTEN WELL and WAKE UP:  Your leaders are complicit in these events.  That is THE TRUTH.  They need to be fired, just like you fired your pastor, and you need to place holy, Bible-believing men of God into those positions, not weak men who value a paycheck higher than they value the Word of God.

"For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God..."

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