KJV - MP3 Audio Bible

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" - Romans 10:17

The Authorized King James Bible in Audio MP3 format

~ Corrected Edition ~
(Audio carefully updated June 2019 to match the Authorized King James text exactly, since the reader of the original audio made a handful of mistakes)

~ Audio MP3 chapters of the King James Bible provided free-of-charge ~

For a sample of the MP3 audio, CLICK HERE  [John Chapter 1]

To download the files in a zipped format, click on one of these links:

Entire Old Testament Audio MP3 files in zipped format
Huge zip file - about 852 Megabytes in size

Entire New Testament Audio MP3 files in zipped format
Large zip file - about 257 Megabytes in size

Spanish RVG 2010 New Testament MP3 files in zipped format (read by native Spanish speaker)
Large zip file - about 1.3 Gigabytes (1,300 Megabytes) in size
For other RVG information, click HERE

Download Recommendation:
Downloading the entire Old or New Testament will take a very long time.
We recommended you do not attempt to download the zipped files during high-traffic times for your local Internet Provider.
Downloading the zip files between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am (your local time) is best so you can avoid time-outs and potentially corrupted files.